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    为大人带来形象的羊生肖故事来历 为孩子带去快乐的生肖图画故事阅读







内容提示: •熟练掌握高中英语新课程标准词汇及用法,其中要掌握词性及其固定的搭配(基本要求)对于重要句型的把握 (重点63个)注意一词多义 (重点) (cover, run, reach, play stand beat spare)play, stand, beat, spare)固定搭配 (常考动词1 5个: take, get, bring, ask, catch, put, come, give, keep, make, break, hold, look, go, turn)••• 1 . be+of+抽象名词2. the+形容词/ 副词比较级, the +形容词/ 副词比较级3. not / no+比较级4. 比较级+than any other +单数可数名词5. the+比较级+of. . .6 as+形容词/ 副词原级+(a / an) +名词+as6. as+形容词/ 副词原级+(a / an) +名词+as7. as+形容词/ ...

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•熟练掌握高中英语新课程标准词汇及用法,其中要掌握词性及其固定的搭配(基本要求)对于重要句型的把握 (重点63个)注意一词多义 (重点) (cover, run, reach, play stand beat spare)play, stand, beat, spare)固定搭配 (常考动词1 5个: take, get, bring, ask, catch, put, come, give, keep, make, break, hold, look, go, turn)••• 1 . be+of+抽象名词2. the+形容词/ 副词比较级, the +形容词/ 副词比较级3. not / no+比较级4. 比较级+than any other +单数可数名词5. the+比较级+of. . .6 as+形容词/ 副词原级+(a / an) +名词+as6. as+形容词/ 副词原级+(a / an) +名词+as7. as+形容词/ 副词原级+as, 比较级+than8. the same +名词+as9. 倍数+比较级+than. . . , 倍数+as+原级+as. . . , 倍数+the size / height/ length /weight / width of. . .1 0. no longer. . . / not. . . any longer • 11. . . . 形容词/ 副词+enough to do sth.• 12. (much) too. . . to do sth.• 13. . . . where. . .• 14. How soon. . .• 15. There be. . .• 16. In case. . . • 17. prevent/ stop sb. (sth. ) from doing(being done)• keep sb from ding sth( f kb d i• (cf: keep sb doingsth )• discourage sb from doingth ) 18. have / keep / make / get/ drive / send/ set/ leave sb. (sth. ) +宾补have/make/let sb do sthget /ask/want sb to do sth 19. have sth. done20. make oneself done21. used to do sth.22. warn sb. (not) to do / against doing sth. • 24. can't help doing sth.• 25. sb. would(should) like(love) to do sth.• 26. Given. . .• 27. 情态动词+(not) have +过去分词• 28. so that. . .• 29. such. . . that. . .• 30. . . . till/ until. . . • 31 . It is the first time+. 现在完成时. .• It was the first time+. 过去完成时.• 32. . . . before. . .• 33. It+be+一段时间+since从句• 34. It is / was the first/ last/ second / third time +从句• 35. As is known to all. . .• 36no matter +特殊疑问词• 36. no matter +特殊疑问词• 37. What +(a/ an+adj. ) +名词/ How+adj. /adv. +主语+谓语• 38. It. . . that / what / whether / how/when. . . 主语从句或to do sth. / doing sth.• 39. think / make / find / feel/ keep+it+宾补. . .• 40. It is / was +被强调部分+that(who) . . . 41. Only +副词/ 介词短语/ 状语从句……42. Never / Little / Not a / Hardly / In no time / In no way / In no case /Seldom / Scarcely / Barely / Rarely /Nowhere/ By no means +be / 助动词情态动主谓/ 情态动词+主语+谓语43. So+adj. +be/ 助动词/ 情态动词+主语 (倒装)44. adj. / adv. / n. +as/ though/ that +主语+谓语. . . • 45. No sooner. . . than / Hardly(Scarcely) . . . when(before)• 46. not only. . . but(also) . . .• 47. Neither / Nor +be / 助动词/ 情态动主动词+主语• 48. So+be/ 助动词/ 情态动词+主语与So+主语+be/ 助动词/ 情态动词• 49. . . . do you think. . . ? • 50. It is said / reported /thought/ believed /announced that. . .• =people /t/thi k/b lisay/report/think/believe +that • =Sb/sth is believed to do/to have done/to be doing+th t • 51. This is . . . speaking.• 52. do nothing but do sth./ cannot but do/ cannot help but do/ cannot choose but do / have no choice but todo../ have no choice but to do… 53. 'd like to, 'd love to, be going to,mean to, ought to,try to, plan to, be glad to, be happy to54. I'm sorry, but. . .y,55. Why not +动词原形?56. Do / Would you mind. . . ?57. How / What about. . . ? 58. That / It be +adj. of sb. to do sth.59. prefer to do sth. rather than do sth.60would rather do sth60. would rather do sth.61. I believe so, I believe not, I don't believe so 62 have difficulty in doing •spend/waste time in doing •succeed/be successful in doing •There is no point in doing63 be /get used to +doing •be /get accustomed to doing•devote oneself to doinglk fd t•look forward to doing•get down to•stick to /pay sttention tod i 逻辑角度合适的过渡性词汇时间顺序first, second, then, finally/at last, immediately, suddenly , soon空间顺序here, there, on one side…on the other side, in front of, at the back of, next to对称顺序for one thing, for another thing, on one hand, on the other hand转折顺序but, however, while, though, otherwise因果顺序because, since, as, thanks to, as a result (of)条件顺序as long as, so long as, on condition that, if, unless让步顺序though, as, even if/though, whether, who(what, when, where)-ever递进顺序what’s more, besides, to make the matter worse, what’s worse过渡性插入语I think, I’m afraid, you know, As we all know •call• 1 . call at 访问, 拜访某地2. call for 请求, 要求3. call for 去接某人, 接走某人4. call in 召请, 请来5. call on / upon拜访某人6. call on拜访某人7. call out 大声呼喊, 叫喊8. call up 给 ... 打电话9. call up 使人想起, 回忆起号召 • come• 1 . come across 遇见, 发现2. come on / along3. come at 袭击, 向...扑来4. come back 回来, 回到...来5. come back 复活6. come down7. come from来吧, 快点,得了从从 ...下来出生于下来 8. come into use 使用起来(另come into being形成, 产生come into power 当权come into effect 起效)9. come out (花) 开放1 0. come out 出版11 come to 来到11 . come to 来到, 达到, 结果是come to oneself1 2. come up 走过来, 走近 / 长出, 发芽1 3. come upon偶然碰上, 遇到1 4.come about达到结果是 • get • get about四处走动; 传开• get across传达get along\on (with)进展, 相处get away逃脱, 设法离开t d下来get down下来; 下车get in 收割; 到达; 请…来帮忙;考取get off出发; 下班下车 get together聚会get up 起床; 组织, 筹划get up as打扮成get through 接通; 通过; 花费get back取回; 回到某地; 继续做get by勉强够花始认真get down to开始认真干get out被人知道, 泄露; 逃离get over克服, 成功应付; 恢复, 复原 • give• 1 . give away• 2. give in3. give off4. give out5. give out6. give up7 give up7. give up8. give a concert9. give a talk1 0. give lessons to1 1 . give sb. some advice on ... 赠送, 给予泄露投降, 让步, 屈服发出, 放出用完, 耗尽力竭放弃辞去辞去 • go• go against违背; 与……不符; 对……不利•go without勉强维持, 凑合• go in for爱好, 参加; 从事• go by过去; 依据, 按照• go on继续; 发 go over 复习 ; 仔细审查; 走近go ahead 进行go though 被通过; 从头到尾go ahead 进行go though 被通过; 从头到尾地阅读; 排练; 经历出度假; 消失 go for去取来或接来; 争取得到; go out出去, 熄灭, 过时, 罢工, 向往, 辞职, 倒塌go away走开; 外 • keep• 1 . keep back 阻止...向前2. keep busy doing不断地, 不停地, 忙着做某事3. keep in touch ... with 与...保持联系4 keep on继续不停地做某事4. keep on继续不停地做某事5. keep his words 遵守诺言6. keep out 不得入内 • 7. keep ... out 挡住, 留在外面8. keep silent 保持沉默9. keep up 继续1 0. keep up 保持, 坚持1 1 . keep up 保持, 不使低落1 2. keep up with 跟上p p1 3. keep watch 守望, 值班, 放哨跟上 • look• 1 . look after照顾, 照料2. look around/about四处看看, 四下环顾3. look forward to 盼望, 期待4. look on旁观, 观望5. look on ... as ...6. look out 当心, 小心, 留神7. look out 警惕8 look through 浏览8. look through 浏览, 翻阅, 温习9. look through 仔细查看1 0. look up 查寻, 查阅1 1 . look up 仰视把...看作...翻阅温习 • make• 1 . make into 制成, 作成(后面跟产品,制成品)2. be made of用某种原材料制成(后面跟原材料)3. be made from用某种原材料制成(后面跟原材料)4. be made up of 由...组成, 由...构成5. make out • 6. make for • 7. make up 化妆, 打扮, 配制8. make up 编造, 虚构9. make up for 弥补, 补充, 补偿1 0. make full use of 充分利用1 1 .make to one‘s own measure 照某人的尺寸去做尺寸去做1 2. make up my mind 下决心1 3. make fun of 取笑, 嘲笑, 和...开玩笑1 4 make it • put• 1 . put away放好, 受起来2. put down 扑灭, 平息, 镇压3. put off 延期, 拖延4. put on上演, 穿戴5. put out熄灭, 扑灭, 使...停止燃烧6. put out伸出, 拿出 • 7. put up8. put up9. put up1 0. put up with 忍受, 容忍1 1 . put into1 2 p t one's heart into1 2. put one's heart into挂起, 张贴举起, 抬起建造, 搭起 • set• 1 . set about doing2. set off 起程, 出发3. set out4. set out to do5. set up6. set upp7. set up8. set fire9. set sb. free1 0. set an example to sb.着手, 开始出发, 动身开始, 着手创立, 设立, 建立竖起, 支起竖起, 支起竖起, 支起 • turn• 1 . turn against2. turn in3. turn...into...4. turn off关掉灯, 气, 水, 电器等5. turn on打开转而反对交进, 上缴, 归还变成, 转变成 • 6. turn over7. turn to (sb for help)8. turn to9 turn up9. turn up1 0. turn up 出现 ,1 1 . turn down/away把...翻过来转向, 找...求助转向把音量开大一些把音量开大些 •take• 1 . take away2.take actions/steps/measures采取行动• 3. take back收回, 带回4. take back 带回, 送回5. take down拿下6. take down记下7 take off拿下7. take off拿下, 脱掉8. take off腾飞• 9. take off (飞机) 起飞带走;拿走脱掉 • 1 0. take out 取出1 1 . take in 吸收/欺骗• 1 2. take place1 3. take place1 4. take up好好1 5. take up1 6. take up1 7.take a look at发生举行, 举办从事某项活动, 发展某种爱占去时间占去地方 • 1 8. take a message for sb.1 9. take a seat20. take aim21 . take an active part in22 take care of22. take care of23. take great trouble to do sth.24. take hold of25. take it easy26. take on a new look27. take one's place • 28. take one's temperature• 29. take one's turn30. take photos31 . take pride inp32. take sb./sth. by mistake33. take sth. for granted34. take the place of35. take the side of36. take this seat bringbring in引进; 挣得bring about引起, 导致bring up养育, 培养; 呕吐; 提出bring out使展现, 推出(书、 唱片等)降低bring down降低; 使倒下bring back把…带回来; 使忆起; 使恢复bring forth结果, 生产, 产生bring forward提出; 提前bring off 圆满完成(困难之事)bring on惹来(坏的结果) ; 加速生长。使倒 break1. break down(1)打破;毁掉;破除(2)坍塌;坏掉(3)(计划等)失败;不成功Break down the door! 把门砸开!The car broke down on the way.车子在路上抛锚了 。His plan broke down at last.他的计划最终失败了 。 2. break inThe thief broke in and took away the TV set.小偷破门而入偷走了 电视机小偷破门而入偷走了 电视机。(1)破门而入(2)打断, 插话 = get inDon't break in when we are talking.我们谈话时别打断我们。 3. break intoThe robber broke into the bank, trying to take away money.(1)破门而入(2)突然……起来 = burst into tears强盗闯进银行,试图抢钱。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网Hearing the news, he broke into tears. 一听到这消息他突然哭起来了 。 4. break outThe American Civil War broke outin 1861.美国内战爆发于1861年。爆发 ,发生A quarrel broke out between them.他们之间发生了 争吵。A fire broke out in his house last night.昨晚他家失火了 5. break away fromIn Russia many people broke away fromthe Communist Party.俄国有很多人脱离了 共产党。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网The thief broke away from the policemanand ran away. 脱离 ,断绝关系小偷挣脱开警察逃跑了 。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网Modern music has broken away from the nineteenth century rules.现代音乐打破了 十九世纪的陈规陋习。 6. break throughThe soldiers broke through the enemy's defence works.战士们攻破了 敌人的防御工事。突破;冲垮;克服They broke through all kinds ofhardships.他们克服了 各种困难。 7. break upThey broke up the whole ship into parts. 他们将船拆开。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网Please break up the word into syllables.Please break up the word into syllables.请把这单词分成音节。(1)打碎;拆散(2)分裂;分解8. break off打断, 中断He broke off the stick and threw it away. 8. break into piecesThe whole country broke into pieces.整个国家四分五裂。(使)成为碎片My glasses fell to the ground and broke into pieces.我的眼镜掉到地上摔碎了 。 9. break one's word/promise食言;说话不算数You can't break your word/promise.你不能说话不算数。It is wrong of you to break your word/promise. 你说话不算数是错误之举。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网 10. break the law/rule违犯法律/违反规章制度Whoever breaks the law should be punished. 凡是犯法的人都应受到惩罚凡是犯法的人都应受到惩罚。ahtycp.com_【官方首页】-安徽体彩网No student can break the rules of our school.所有学生都不能违反我们学校的规章制度。 carry• carry off 获胜; 成功做成(困难之事)carry on 继续, 坚持carry out 执行carry through 帮助渡难关; 完成, 实现carry through 帮助渡难关; 完成, 实现carry back 使忆起carry away 失去理智 hold• hold on to保留, 抓住不放• hold back隐瞒; 阻碍(某人发展) ; (因谨慎而) 退缩; 控制(情感)• hold out维持; 抵抗, 硬撑动词+hold out维持; 抵抗, 硬撑•hold up举起; (常用被动语态) 延搁, 阻滞;支撑• hold up as作为榜样动词+ • hold off拖延; (雨雪等) 迟迟不来; 保持距离• hold down控制(上升) ; 压制h ld i 抑制• hold in抑制• hold on 别挂断, 等会儿; 坚持• hold over延期; 以……要挟• hold together团结一起。 l. 动词+about speak/ talk about 谈论 care about 关心,set about 着手, 开始h ear about 听说think about 思考bring about 引起, 使发生come about 发生 worry about 为……担心 2. 动词+awaycarry away 拿走, 使入迷die away 逐渐消失,减弱put away 收拾起来, 存起来throw away 扔掉wash away 冲走wear away 磨掉, 消耗 f. blow away 吹走clear away 清除掉, 消散pass away 去世take away 拿走, 使消失give away 背弃, 泄漏, 赠送break away 摆脱turn away 把……打发走 3. 动词+backkeep back 隐瞒, 忍住look back(on) 回顾hold back 控制住give back 归还call back 回电话take back 拿回, 收回 4. 动词+for run for 竞选wait for 等候long for 渴望care for 关心, 喜欢h fsearch for 查找call for 需要, 要求change…for 用……换apply for 申请seek for 寻找查找 ask for 要求得到stand for 代表, 表示hope/wish for 希望得到beg for 乞求look forlook for 寻找寻找hunt for 寻找charge…for 收费, 要价take…for 误以为……是come for 来拿, 来取 5. 动词+downburn down 烧毁take down 记下, 记录cut down 削减, 砍倒pass downpass down 传下来calm down 平静下来settle down 安家tear down 拆毁, 拆除传下来 break down 坏了 , 垮了 , 分解turn down 调小, 拒绝slow down 慢下来put down 记下, 写下, 镇压bring down 使……降低, 使倒下come down 下落, 传下 6. 动词+atcome at 向……袭击run at 冲向, 向……攻击tear at 用力撕stare at 凝视glance at 匆匆一瞥knock at 敲(门、 窗等) smile at 冲(某人)笑aim at 向……瞄准wonder at 惊讶 shout at 冲(某人)嚷嚷work at 干……活动(研究)look at 看, 注视glare at 怒视laugh at嘲笑laugh at 嘲笑point at 指向strike at 向……打击shoot at 向……射击call at 拜访(地点) 7. 动词+fromdiffer from 与……不同suffer from 受……苦hear from 收到……来信die fromdie from 因……而死因……而死keep/ stop/keep/ stop/prevent…from不让……做learn from 向……学习result from 由于date from 始于……时期separate…from 把……分离开 8. 动词+ofthink of 想到dream of 梦到consist of 由……组成speak of 谈到approve of 赞成talk of 谈到complain of 抱怨become of 发生……情况, 怎么啦die of 死于hear of 听说 9. 动词+offstart off 出发leave off 中断get off 下车see off 送put off 延期, 推迟pcut off 切断,keep off 避开, 勿走近knock…off 把……撞落pay off 还get off 脱下(衣服等) turn (switch) off 关掉期推 set off 出发show off 炫耀take off 脱下, 起飞ring off 挂断电话come off 脱落, 褪色fall off 跌落fall off 跌落, 掉下go off 走开; 消失; 坏了,爆炸, 不喜欢break off 打断carry off 携走带走, 赢得give off 散发出掉下 10. 动词+ondepend on 依靠insist on 坚持keep/ go on 继put on 穿上, 戴上, 上演pmove on 继续移动, 往feed on 以……为生take on 雇用, 呈现(新面 貌等)have on 穿上look on 旁观演 rely on 依靠carry on 继续, 进行spend…on 在……花钱call on 拜访live on 以……为生bring on 使……发展try on 试穿pass on 传授, 传递Turn (switch) on 打开 11. 动词+outbreak out 爆发pick out 选出figure out 算出, 理解bring out 阐明, 使表现出carry out 执行, 进行help out 救助help out 救助hold out 坚持下去set out 出发, 着手, 摆放wear out 穿破, 使……疲劳turn out 结果是, 生产, 培养make out 理解, 看清楚come out 出版, 出来point out 指出burst out 进发 cross out 划掉leave out 省略, 删掉keep out(of) 使不进入, 挡住work out 算出, 想出办法等find out 查出, 弄明白give out 散发, 分发, 用完try out 试用, 试验try out 试用, 试验look out 当心, 提防put out 扑灭speak out 大胆讲出hand out 散发send out 发出, 派遣go out 熄灭let out 泄漏,die out 灭绝run out 用完发出(声), cross out 划掉leave out 省略, 删掉keep out(of) 使不进入, 挡住work out 算出, 想出办法等find out 查出, 弄明白give out 散发, 分发, 用完try out 试用, 试验try out 试用, 试验look out 当心, 提防put out 扑灭speak out 大胆讲出hand out 散发send out 发出, 派遣go out 熄灭let out 泄漏,die out 灭绝run out 用完发出(声), 12. 动词十ingive in 让步bring in 引进, 使得到收入drop in 拜访succeed in 在……获成功join in 参加take in接纳, 吸收, 改小take in 接纳, 吸收, 改小get in 收获, 进入break in 强制进入, 插话call in 召集, 来访cut in 插入persist in 坚持look in 来访, 参观hand in 上交result in 导致fill in 填写 13. 动词十intolook into 研究, 调查turn into 变成burst into 闯入, 进发divide…into 把……分成change…into 把……变成put/ translate…into 把……译成put/ translate…into 把……译成run into碰到send sb to/into sleep 使进入状态 1 4. 动词+overturn over 翻倒, 细想think over 仔细考虑go over 审阅, 检查, 研究look over 翻阅, 检查get over 克服run over 压死, 看一遍run over 压死, 看take over 接管, 接替watch over 看守, 照看fall over 跌倒, 摔倒roll over 翻滚遍 15. 动词十tobelong to 属于refer to 谈到, 涉及, 参阅 point to 指向turn to 向……求助, 查阅stick/ hold/ keep to 坚持, 忠于see to 处理, 料理come to 共计, 苏醒come to 共计, 苏醒bring to 使苏醒把……比作compare…to 与…相比把…比作agree to 同意supply…to 为……提供lead to 导致, 通向add to 增添attend to 处理,专心, 照料devote…to 贡献给object to 反对reply to 答复get to 到达get to 到达write to 写信给 grow up 成长, 长大build up 建立put up 搭起, 架起, 安装, 住宿, 张贴, 盖起do up 整理, 包装, 打扮go up 增长, 上涨 get up 起床, 站起pick up 拾起, 学会, 用车, 来接, 收听到bring up 抚养, 呕吐, 提出 出现bring up 抚养, 呕吐, 提出 出现turn up 开大(音量等), 出席stay up 挺住, 熬夜take up 开始学, 从事, 占据sit up 熬夜use up 用完tear up 撕碎give up 放弃, 献出set up 架起、 建立eat up 吃完 lay up 储存make up构成, 组成 编造 弥补join up 联结起来, 参军come up 上来, 长出, 出现speed up 加快速度throw up 呕吐clear up 整理, 收拾, 放晴look up 查找, 找出look up 查找, 找出bum up 烧毁hurry up 赶快fix up 修理, 安排, 装置keep up 保持send up 发射open up 开创, 开辟divide up 分配cut up 切碎end up 总结catch up 赶上hold up 耽搁, 使停顿ring up 打电话break up 分解 17. 动词十throughget through 通过, 干完, 接通电话look through 翻阅, 看一遍, 仔细查看go through 审阅, 检查, 学习put…through 接通电话see through 识破check through 核对check through 核对pull through 渡过危机, 康复 1 8. 动词+withdeal with 处理, 对付do with 处理, 需要meet with 遇到, 遭受talk with 同……交谈agree with 同意, 与……一致compare with 与……相比combine with 与……相联合equip…with 以……装备cover…with 用……覆盖begin with 以……开始end up with 以……结束supply…with 以……供给provide…with 以……供给play with 玩, 玩弄 19. 三词以上的短语动词add up to 总计break away from 摆脱keep away from 避开, 别靠近do away with 废除look down on 轻视look up to 仰望, 尊敬put up with 忍受ppcatch up with 赶上keep up with 赶上run out of 用完make up for 弥补go on with 继续get on(along) with 和……相处look forward to 盼望 get close to 接近take hold of 握住get out of 逃避, 避免get down to 认真开始set fire to 放火烧pay attention to 注意take notice of 注意take notice of 注意set an example to 为……榜样do well in 在……干得好pay a visit to 访问take a photo of 拍……照片take the place of 取代 1. The novel is so badly written that I can hardly _ _ what the writer is trying to say.A. find out B. figure out C. look through D. get through2. The students were told to _ _ their English before going abroad.A give upC. use up 3. ---What's wrong with Jane?---A letter from home _ _ an attack of homesickness.A. sent out B. set out C. sent off D. set offB polish upD. end upA. give up B. polish up 4. Your article will have to be _ _ to fit into the magazine.A. cut out B. cut up C. cut down D. cut off5. Our teachers promised to attend our class meeting, but they haven't C. reached 6. ---Will you walk a little faster?---I was afraid you could not A. walk up B. go up C. keep up D. catch upyet.ygyA. turned up B. turned out D. turned over. 7. ---I heard Back Street Boys will sing at the New Theatre.---Where did you A. pick that up C. make that up 8. It is a pity that the quarrel _ _p ytheir friendship.A. broke up B. put down C. gave up D. took away9. Please make sure the light will if no one is in the room.A. turn off C. take away ?B. put that up D. take that up_q_B. put out D. go out 10. The simple joy of reading is something we take for granted. But many people have had to _ _ this pleasure because of poor eyesight.A. give in C. give out 11. It was dark, we decided _ __for the night at the farm house.A. put away B. put down C. put up 12. After recovering from his illness, he was advised to bobby.A. take away B. take off C. take on B. give off D. give upD. put outgardening as a D. take up 13. David likes country life and has decided to farming.A. go in for B. go through C. go on to 14. You may_ studying English, but in the long run, you'll be glad that you diddid.A. get interested in B. make use of C. get used to 15. Chemicals in the body _ _our food into useful substance.A. mix up B. deal with C. bring in D. go withD. get tired ofD. break down 16. ---Let's go to the lecture on International Trade this evening.---That' s great. I'll A. call up B. call to D. call on17. I tried to work on, but I was so tired that I could no longer .D. work out18. ---What a large and bright room ! Is it a classroom?---No, It _ _ the students' reading-room.A. refers to B. stands for supposed to be D. is meant foryou at 6: 30.C. call for A. bear out B. hold on C. hold up C. is 19. Once the poison is further danger.A. brought up B. brought in C. brought back D. brought about20. It was only when her sorrow that Tom looked at her.C. took place 21. The lower room was in darkness, but by _ _ his way he found the bag.A. taking B. feeling C. pushing D. making, there is no A. broke out B. happened D. gave out 22. We may have dreams because we have needs that are _ _ in our daily lives.A. unknown B. undone C. unborn 23. Miss Kate smiled at them all, _ _ to say something, and went quietly out.A. looked B. appeared C. wished 24. The teacher _ _ that the pupils finish their compositions at once.A. described B. desired C. delighted D. unmet_D. hopedD. determined 25. ---Excuse me, what time can I see you tonight?---Can we _ _ it eight o' clock?A. see B. decide make D. fix26. If Mr. Brown _ _his sister to attend the party, she will certainly be glad to.A. hopes B. manages C dd27. ---He failed his exam again.---But what did you been working hard?A. think B. expect C. consider C. Dd iC. demands D. advises? Had he ever D. regard 28. ---What happened to you yesterday?---At the bus stop a thief handbag and ran off down the street.A. caught C. robbed 29. That' s funny! I remember putting my glasses on the desk, but now th'they're .A. missed C. gone 30. A terrible thought suddenly _ _me. ---Had anyone broken into the house?A. struck C. knocked D. attackedmy B. stolen D. snatchedB. broken D. disappearedB. beat  31. ---How about this kind of fruit?---Oh, this kind of fruit _ _ lots of vitamin C and B.A. remains B. includes D. holds32. ---I'd like to the cinema with you, Dad.---Sorry, my darling, but this film is _ _for adults only.A. admitted B. intended promised D. permitted33. She goes over all her lessons once a week and the job _ _ her three hours.A. spends B. takes C. spares C. contains C. D. lasts 34. Mr. Brown didn't believe that such a little thing could _ _ much.A. mind B. matter trouble 35. Instead of _ _ their burden, he gave the students more homework. Do you think it right.?A iiA. increasing B. bearing C. adding to D. lightening36. After the tiring journey, Gerald hoped to find a hotel to _ the night in.A. sleep C. pass C. D. happenB biCB. spare D. remain 37. ---How about going to see the film this evening?---OK, I'll o' clock.A. expect B. wait for C. bringD. agree withbring D. agree with38. ---What do you think of those curtains?---Oh, they wallpapers, I think.A. suit B. fit C. fix D. goyou at exactly eight _ very well with the




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